Joseph Samora

A successful lawyer, lobbyist, and communicator

A change agent

▪ Founder of The Samora Group, an international lobbying and consulting firm ▪ Chief lobbyist and head of government relations for a multinational Fortune 200 manufacturing company ▪ An officer of a national political party convention ▪ Chief advocate for the largest retail trade association in the US ▪ A White House Fellow ▪ The youngest chairman of a state public utility regulatory commission in the US ▪ Served as Administrative Assistant and General Counsel to the Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court ▪ Engaged in private practice ▪ A judicial law clerk for a state Supreme Court ▪ The youngest of nine children and the first in his family to graduate from college and from law school ▪ Albuquerque High School Student Council President ▪ From a 9th generation Hispanic New Mexican family ▪